Biblical Valentines

Some words transcend time, cultures, and ethnicity. These are not those words.

Looking for an out-of-the-box way to express your love this Valentine’s Day? God’s got you covered. You don’t have to look any further than an oft overlooked book of the Bible: The Song of Solomon. I encourage you to read it yourself, but here are some real gems that are sure to win over your beloved’s heart.

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.


There is a whole bunch of questions that people often have about this book of the Bible. For now, simply enjoy Solomon’s unique way with words. And who knows, perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps these words really do transcend time, culture and ethnicity. There’s one way to find out! (all scripture references in the Valentines are from the 21st Century King James edition of the Bible)

P.S. If you actually try any of these out, why don’t you leave a note in the comments section letting us know how that went?

***The Song of Solomon remains singular within the Old Testament for at least two reasons: its character as a single poem and its subject matter, particularly the frank discussion of love between a married couple. The Song of Solomon’s willingness to broach the topic of physical love within marriage has made many of its readers throughout history uncomfortable, so much so that Rabbi Aqiba had to vigorously defend the book’s place in the Jewish canon even as late as AD 90 at the Council of Jamnia. But as a testament to the beauty of the marriage relationship in its fullness, the Song of Solomon stands out with its uniquely detailed vision of this beautiful reality.*** (taken from



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