Don’t Worry, Be Happy

There are plenty of reasons to worry today. Actually, there are plenty of good reasons to worry every day. We worry about our families. We worry about our marriages. We worry about having enough money to pay the bills. We worry about our jobs. We worry about it raining enough to grow our crops. We … Continue reading Don’t Worry, Be Happy


Finding Peace with My Vote

The above cartoon pretty well sums up my feelings about this election. And if the polls are any indication, those feelings are mirrored by many people in this country. There are no good options, at least between the two major party candidates. My feelings of angst are heightened this election because of my faith. I … Continue reading Finding Peace with My Vote

Sure, Kings Had Castles…But Did They Have Wi-Fi?

"We live better than kings. Grab a crown." Castles are majestic, they're powerful, and they're well-fortified against revolutionary uprisings. Nothing screams power and wealth and status like a castle with soaring turrets. But even the poorest among us live better than kings. "We live better than kings.  Grab a crown. Most of us are far … Continue reading Sure, Kings Had Castles…But Did They Have Wi-Fi?