A Great Cloud of Witnesses

Did you hear about the dad who pledged to run one marathon for every week of his daughter’s life in utero? Click Here for the full story. Christopher got the news on New Year’s Eve 2015, that his daughter had died. His wife Lynne was 22 weeks pregnant with their third child, when during a … Continue reading A Great Cloud of Witnesses


I Won’t Force My Kids To Go To Church

"My parents forced me to eat three times a day growing up. No joke. Three times. Every. Single. Day. And it wasn't always stuff I liked, either. Matter of fact, I complained a lot about what my mom made. 'Ewww, gross! Meatloaf? Seriously? Mom you know we hate this stuff!' So as I approached adulthood … Continue reading I Won’t Force My Kids To Go To Church

Love Your Enemies* – Jesus

Love Your Enemies* - Jesus *Unless your enemies happen to be Democrats or Republican or Independent or Communist or Nazis or Muslims or terrorists or Pro-Abortion or Pro-Life or homosexual or transsexual or heterosexual, or unless your enemies are attacking you, your family, your country, or they want to take your stuff or your land, … Continue reading Love Your Enemies* – Jesus

Stan Kroenke Isn’t Satan, But…

Stan Kroenke Isn’t Satan, But... Here Are Two Things He Has Inadvertently Reminded Us About Him Whatever his other faults may be, Stan Kroenke is not Satan; let me make that perfectly clear. But in watching this debacle with the Rams unfold, I have been reminded of some things that God’s Word has to say … Continue reading Stan Kroenke Isn’t Satan, But…

Thank God You Don’t Win the Lottery

Thank God you haven't won the lottery. Thank Him when don't win it the next time you play. With the lottery sitting at approximately 1.6 Billion (it just felt like that much money should be capitalized) dollars, that might sound like an odd thing to say. Especially when so many people are praying to win … Continue reading Thank God You Don’t Win the Lottery